Secrets To Drop Card Promoting

Published: 11th November 2009
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Drop Card promoting is a little known, easy, effective, and FREE way to advertise your product, or your website. Drop Cards are mini cards (roughly the same size as a business card) that you can drop literally everywhere you go, promoting your message on the way.

At the start of your drop card creation there is a major decision you have to make: do you want to buy your cards, or make them yourself. You can create and order drop cards at any website that sells business cards. I personally make my own, just design a card on your computer and print it out onto card stock or even regular paper.

How to make a good drop card:
Drop Cards need to be short, sweet, and to the point, with only enough words to really catch someone and make them pocket your card. Here are some examples of what I have used to promote a money making website:

- You Won't Get Rich, But You Can Make A Realistic $500 to $5,000 a month online. Try Risk Free! LINK
-Make x$ in 7 Days Or Your Money Back. LINK
-I Made Enough Money Online To Quit My Job. Have You? LINK

Be creative and think of what your potential customer, might want to here. For my previous examples (advertising a money making site), I used a template that when printed front and back looked exactly like a $100 bill. People would fight to pick up my cards. If you want to download the template or view some other templates and examples check out

For drop cards, it is most effective to have a short easy link, something that people can read and remember at a glance. If your website or product page has a difficult domain name I would recommend purchasing a cheap domain name from (no affiliate link) and use domain forwarding to forward anyone that types in that address to your page.

Good Drop Spots:
Like I said, you can literally drop these "mini billboards" wherever you go, but if you want a greater success rate I found some particularly good spots. Bathrooms, book stores (next to books in your niche), windshields, the mall, self help groups, colleges, vacation areas, bus stops, and neighborhoods.

I hope this helps give you a free and easy source of traffic! Good luck.

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